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Our clients at the Research & Development level in various countries consist of organizations such as universities, private and public research institutes and system manufacturers.

Research & Development Summer School TrentoSummer School Trento

Research & Development Summer School Trento
Project name: Summer school Trento
Description: Simultaneous data acquisition with airborne laser scanner, digital RGB camera, hyperspectral sensor and special thermal camera from the customer.
Sensors: RIEGL LMS-Q680i, IGI DigiCam H39, SPECIM Aisa EAGLE, Thermal Camera
Specification: LiDAR: 10 points per m², RGB-GSD: 9cm, Thermal-GSD: 50cm, hyperspectral-GSD: 40cm
Area: 50km²
Country: Italy
Year: 2012


Research & Development SnowSAR flights TirolSnowSAR flights Tirol

Research & Development SnowSAR flights Tirol
Project name: SnowSAR Tirol
Description: Integration of SnowSAR, test flights and data acquisition in project area.
Sensors: Metasensing SnowSAR
Area: 50km²
Country: Austria
Year: 2013