Airborne LINX

ABT-ISR Grafik FINAL 01 HP System Architecture

Real time communication between people, government and the Armed Forces is a significant part of modern battlespace and opens up new ways of staying connected with the operation. Modern communications technologies will increasingly make every location on the globe seem equidistant from every other location. Our open architecture enables us to provide you customized C2 ISR solutions in accordance with your infrastructure and requirements.

Due to our sophisticated experience we see ourselves as centre of excellence for modern Airborne Surveillance System Architecture in Special Mission Aircraft. 

The field-proven knowledge of our employees, the availability of different aircraft, sensors, and the expertise in managing special projects allows us to fully customize our solutions and to enable immediate, worldwide operation. According to military standards we guarantee worldwide after sales support.


What makes us unique is that we have experts from all backgrounds under one roof covering the whole process

  • from aircraft modification and certification
  • right up to providing fielding aircraft operation with our own fleet of aircraft, crew, sensors and data processing capabilities.

As experienced professionals we know your mission and we make it our business to meet your needs.

System Architecture Radar FINAL 510

We take care for your entire system architecture.

Over many years we have gained deep knowledge in aviation engineering, sensor applications, IT and software engineering, flight operation and data processing. Out of this linked experience we supply our customer a full system architecture making all devices working perfectly together.
The system architecture based on a standardized Ethernet network interface opens a new world of possibilities:

  • 3G/4G mobile networks enabling position data transmission and internet/tactical network access
  • Line of Sight and Beyond Line of Sight data downlink and uplink enabling remote control of mission equipment (no operator in the aircraft)
  • Ethernet link to other components (e.g. video recorder and mission laptops)
  • Tablets, Smart Phones or other staff devices to be connected with the mission systems via WIFI
  • Remote maintenance of all ISR components which are connected to the Ethernet network (e.g.: EO/IR Sensor, Downlink, MMU, Recorder, Moving Map Computer)
  • Remote staff training by using common remote desktop training software tools


system architecture2

One key aspect of Airborne Technologies' System Architecture is the Mission Management Unit (MMU):

The Full-HD MMU supplies each video source (Video source from Camera, Augmented Reality System, Video Recorder in "Replay Mode") onto each screen or recorder or downlink. The MMU is able to manage up to 16 HD video inputs and 16 HD video outputs.

The MMU can be easily controlled by an integrated touch screen.