S.C.A.R. - Pod

SCAR-Pod-on-Aerospatiale-GAZELLE-SA-342Originally designed for the Pilatus PC-9 single-engine turbo-prop training aircraft, the S.C.A.R.-Pod (Self Contained Aerial Reconnaissance Pod) can be integrated onto any Aircraft equipped with hard points.

This Pod is completely self-sufficient and allows wireless operation. Data connection from pod to operator station is done via WIFI and needs no external cabling. The use of an internal - easy changeable - battery pack grants power supply for up to 3 hours.

The S.C.A.R.-Pod does not need any airframe modifications on the aircraft. The lug suspensions enable immediate use on every aircraft with hard points. The light weight carbon fibre pod carries a complete surveillance mission architecture which upgrades any aircraft to an ISR platform in less than 1 hour.


scarpod on PC9It offers room for an EO/IR Gimbal, Downlink, Uplink, Moving Map, Augmented Reality System and COMINT/SIGINT equipment. With this new S.C.A.R.-Pod every aircraft and helicopter equipped with hard points can be a surveillance aircraft instantly. Although the S.C.A.R.-Pod is an "out of the box solution" it turns out to be very flexible in fulfilling special customer needs. On the basis of "Plug & Fly" the customer is able to add ISR capability to his fleet.









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S.C.A.R. - Pod with Thales I-Master on PC-6                                                                              S.C.A.R. - Pod with FLIR Ultraforce 350 HD on PC-6


Depending on the size of the gimbal the S.C.A.R.-Pod is scalable in three versions:

scarpod 1010" EO/IR camerasscarpod 1515" EO/IR camerasscarpod 2020" EO/IR cameras