End users of our hydrography products are municipalities, energy providers, planning offices and departments of civil protection and disaster control, among many others. Our technology doesn't end where the coastline begins.

Repetitive surveying of inshore waters is becoming more and more essential to evaluate reservoir sedimentation, river degradation, water flow and water level dynamics, and structure and zone variations of rivers and riparian areas. This can only be achieved effectively by employing high-resolution hydrographic airborne laser scanning.
With the newest technology of bathymetric sensors we are able the map the topography above and below sea level with a very high resolution and accuracy in shallow waters.

Special applications are

  • River bed and navigation channel mapping
  • Shallow water mapping
  • Onshore and offshore mapping

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Riverbed mappingRiverbed mapping

Hydrography seacoastDetection of hidden structures with LiDAR