Forest Management

The customers for forest management are forest owners, forestry consultants, national departments for forestry etc.

Forests are an important part of our state's environment and economy. When they are well managed, forests provide clean air and water, homes for wildlife, beautiful scenery, places for recreation and more than 5,000 products we all use every day. But when they are not well managed, forests are often unhealthy and unproductive because of overcrowding, disease, insects, and competition for light, water and nutrients.

AIRBORNE TECHNOLOGIES has invented remote sensing tools that help to maintain and improve the health and productivity of forests and to achieve the landowner's objectives for the property. Our proven technology has been developed within the framework of several international research projects.

Our surveying flights allow a fast and efficient recording even in difficult terrain for

  • Biomass estimation of ecosystem forest
  • Tree delineation and tree species classification
  • Detection of bug infestation and infected trees
  • Monitoring forest conditions
  • Harvest Optimization (Harvest Value Recovery)
  • Supply Chain Optimization

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ForestManagement singleTreeSingle tree extraction

ForestManagement TreeSpeciesHealth condition analysis

ForestManagement HealthConditionAnalysisTree species detection

ForestParameters engExtractable forest parameters