As member of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Archaeological Prospection and Virtual Archaeology we know the special needs of our archeological heritage customers.

Remote sensing techniques in archaeology are an increasingly important component of the technical and methodological tool set available in archaeological research. The use of remote sensing techniques allows archaeologists to uncover unique data that are unobtainable using traditional archaeological excavation techniques.

As a long-term partner of archaeological research institutions, we offer aerial archaeological surveys including data processing and customized solutions for interpretation.

  • Archaeological filtered surveys of vegetated and forested areas
  • High resolution airborne imaging spectroscopy for mapping crop and vegetation features
  • Ortho- and oblique imaging of archaeological sites

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Archaeology ThermalDetection of burden structures with thermal image

Archaeology LiDARDetection of hidden structures with LiDAR

Archaeology HyperspectralHyperspectral Analysis